Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Collins Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Collins!

We celebrated Christ's birth with a beautiful Christmas Eve Service and supper with cousins followed by a time of prayer and worship to God for sending us His son.

Christmas morning came and the girls quickly woke up Mom and Dad so they could open their stockings and presents from one another.

Dad's highlight was receiving TWO Patriotic Bronco T-shirts!
Andrew's highlight was a Razor to zip around the college campus and another Magic Mountain season pass!
Timmy was thrilled with Wrangler jeans and a western shirt and pocket knife while Sarah delighted in a Polly Pocket snowboarding/skiing set and her own MP3 player!

Grandma was blessed with a one cup coffee maker, pierced earrings, the Julie and Julia movie and a gift for house cleaning. Can't beat that one!

Sylvia received her dream--a working kitchen light and new frying pans! I guess this will be another year of cooking in the kitchen!

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