Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ski Trip 2010

The Collins family headed up to Sierra Summit (just outside Fresno California) one Sunday afternoon in January, spent the night at the lodge and then had a day on the slopes.

Andrew had the biggest challenge, giving snow boarding a try. After a few tries on the bunny hill, he made it down the big hills in one piece. It was an adjustment for him after years of flying down on skies, but he mastered the challenge and lived to tell about it! We'll see if he's brave enough to try it again next snow season.

Amy and Timmy, their second time on a snow board, tried the slopes with only a few spills on the way day down. Amy had a great idea of riding the snow board down as a sled. It worked pretty awesome! This year, we actually have pictures of Timmy standing up so I must say his snowboarding abilities have improved!

Sarah had her best year yet! She mastered those skies and did her best at keeping up with Dad. She only did a few short trips down the bunny hill and then she was off to the big slopes with Dad. Bob enjoy the day on skies too. He had no regrets and no sore knees the next day. That's a thumbs up for him. The weather, as you can see, was warm, sunny and bright. Beautiful day on the slopes!