Sunday, December 27, 2009

Graham Cracker House Building

Graham Cracker House Time! It's our favorite time of the year!

It is an annual tradition to head to the Duerr's home each Christmas break to build and decorate Graham Cracker Houses. First the battle is to use the frosting and crackers to build the most unique house one can design. Then the challenge is on to find the fun decorations to make your creation one of style and pizazz! Everyone succeeded this year once again to build their own fun creation with graham crackers--and they even survived the trip home!

Another afternoon was spent decorating our own Ginger Bread House and decorating it with icing and candy goodies to make a lively and festive house ready for the winter holiday. Timmy the creator enjoys this challenge along with Amy the designer and Sarah the eater--oops, I mean decorator!

A Collins Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Collins!

We celebrated Christ's birth with a beautiful Christmas Eve Service and supper with cousins followed by a time of prayer and worship to God for sending us His son.

Christmas morning came and the girls quickly woke up Mom and Dad so they could open their stockings and presents from one another.

Dad's highlight was receiving TWO Patriotic Bronco T-shirts!
Andrew's highlight was a Razor to zip around the college campus and another Magic Mountain season pass!
Timmy was thrilled with Wrangler jeans and a western shirt and pocket knife while Sarah delighted in a Polly Pocket snowboarding/skiing set and her own MP3 player!

Grandma was blessed with a one cup coffee maker, pierced earrings, the Julie and Julia movie and a gift for house cleaning. Can't beat that one!

Sylvia received her dream--a working kitchen light and new frying pans! I guess this will be another year of cooking in the kitchen!

Wise Guys and Starry Skies

Grace Bible performed a delightful performance of Wise Guys and Starry Skies portraying and excellent version of the wise men seeking baby Jesus.
This musical was directed by the best, Tricia Harriger, and after months of practice came off spectacular! Sarah was a "wise guy" entertaining the audience with a few solos and trios and singing loudly about our Savior's birth.

Even Amy and Timmy participated with a few speaking parts which added to the story line. Everyone enjoyed the three kings following the star to find baby Jesus. And yes, we had a real baby Jesus and mother Mary who delighted the audience with a beautiful song.

Grace Bible church never ceases to amaze us with the talents and gifts God has given. This year's Christmas program was one of our favorites!

Christmas Melodrama

Amy acted in her school's Christmas Melodrama titled The Santa Clause Conspiracy. It was a cute little play actually written by one of the students. She starred as a reporter trying to find information about the mad professor and his new machine. After the show, the kids entertained everyone with Christmas carols with a little twist. A fun night was had by all.

Christmas Parade

The Bakersfield Christmas Parade was a big event for the Collins family again! We joined a friend from church, Twinkie Winkie the Christian Clown, as she paraded through downtown Bakersfield.

Sarah had the opportunity to play Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the parade while Amy walked behind Twinky Winky the Clown. Timmy and Sylvia drove Twinkie's car and followed the nativity scene. The saddest part of the event was that we forgot baby Jesus (Sarah's doll) on the kitchen table. We rolled up a blanket and Sarah carried an empty blanket through the parade--no one even noticed!

The weather was a little cool but not bad for a Bakersfield December evening. There were over 100 entries in the parade this year so it was fun being in the middle of one of Bakersfield's best holiday events.

Merry Christmas from Sarah and Twinkie Winkie!