Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kern County Fair

It's fair time at the Collins home! "Best of the West" was this year's theme at the Kern County Fair. We've been busy, busy, busy preparing projects for the county fair. Cooking, sewing, and building has kept us working hard. Bob was our big winner for the year winning 1st place and "Best of Show" for his license plate bird houses! Sylvia also won 1st place on her Sheriff Taylor scarecrow and delicious pumpkin bread. Sarah also got a first on her Polly Pocket collection which she delicately set up. Crafty Amy also received 1st place ribbons on her creative greeting cards and scrap book pages. Planting flowers is always fun and Amy received a 1st place on her western dish garden and Sarah received 2nd place on her cactus garden. There were many 2nd place winnings as well including Timmy's design of a floraculture exhibit (with friends Max & ALex) where they were given a plot of dirt to design and plant. Other 2nd place winnings were a dress sewn by Sarah and a matching purse, Amy's Missouri cookies, Timmy's fudge, and Sarah's snickerdoodles. Sylvia received a 2nd on her peanut butter cookies in a jar and her snowman collection. Our sewer Amy received a 2nd place on her crocheted shawl and a 3rd on her knitted scarf. Prizes were won by everyone. While at the fair we enjoyed the high diving show, an amazing BMX bike show, a great magician, and the Calico Kids Cloggers! They were awesome! Dancing a variety of tunes from bluegrass to country, their performance included a Disney theme song and a Beatles hit. They were enjoyed by all who stopped to watch.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ayako Visits from Japan

We were blessed this month with a visitor from Japan. Ayako Obata is a college student in Toyama, Japan, and came to America for one week during her college break. Ayako is studying to be a kindergarten teacher and loves children. While staying with us she especially enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and playing catch with our dog, Lindsey. She also enjoyed learning American games and petting the cat and rabbit. Our weekend was filled with soccer games and a day at the Kern County Fair. Once again, we learned so much about the Japanese culture from her photos and stories, and she learned much about the American family from us. She was a joy to have in our home and we will pray that she may someday return to American and we can share with her more about our Lord Jesus Christ.