Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas at the Collins' Home

Christmas at the Collins is an exciting time, we’ll try to tell you all about it in this little rhyme.

Outside hundreds of lights go up and around,To the tree, on the roof, the lawn, and the ground

Then the tree is bought and delightfully trimmed

The lights around are slowly dimmed.

Gingerbread houses and cookies are the fun

little treats

That delight the children as they

desire the eats.

The stockings are hung by the chimney
with care
With hopes that Saint Nicholas would soon be there.

When morning arrived goodies were tucked in
The children awoke to find their secrets within

As gifts were unwrapped they tore off the bows,
Boots were the new gifts and excitement arose!

Grandma gets a watch to now know the time
Soup mixes, and cookies, help to save every dime.

Amy loves games and she opens one gift
To find the new LIFE is really a lift

Timmy, our farm boy, loves tractors and
John Deere is a favorite of every young boy.

Andrew, a college student, looks for useful things too,

A jacket, some pants, and even plaid shoes!

The best gift yet, goes to Bob, the Dad
His favorite movie, Hoodwinked, and a Coke poster make him glad.

A Christmas dinner of turkey and ham were enjoyed by each one,
Potatoes and gravy, dressing and even a bun.

So a Merry Christmas was had, yes it was had by each one.
Games followed the dinner and we had lots of fun!

The Girls' Christmas Musical

Christmas Around the World
Amy and Sarah learned songs from around the world in their Christmas musical at Valley Oaks. Amy's favorite song was from Germany called Cling Gluken Cling and Sarah's favorite was from Africa Seyahumba. Many of the songs point to Christ as the Savior of the World and are praises to God for sending His son into the world. They had two performances which were beatiful and so praiseworthy to Christ our Redeemer. Amy was from Italy and dressed Italian Sarah was from Portugal singing in her little portugese tongue. Forty-eight countries were represented and taught about during the show. Each student represented a different country and told a little about how Christmas is celebrated in that country. Jennifer Piccolotti produced and directed the production. It was a delightful show!